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FBI desperate for information on the Geezer Bandit after robbery

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The Geezer Bandit is still on the lamb despite efforts by the FBI and America’s Most Wanted. The FBI looked into special effects masks used for theater performances and served a search warrant at a southern California company that makes masks similar to the one the Geezer wears, however, this has not led to the Geezer Bandit’s capture.

In a region the FBI has dubbed the bank robbery capital of the world, where stickups still occur on an almost daily basis, the "Geezer Bandit" case has captured. The theory gained traction after a.

The September robbery of a bank in La Jolla has been linked to the so-called "Geezer Bandit," according to the FBI and local law enforcement officials. Authorities said the Geezer Bandit is.

susanna kim The FBI is on the hunt for the "geezer bandit" after his 13th bank robbery in California since August 2009. The bandit, who appears to be an elderly man, robbed a Bank of America, in Goleta, Calif., in Santa Barbara County, on Friday. Santa Barbara County is now the fourth county in which the "geezer bandit" has struck.

The Geezer Bandit isn’t the only older adult robbing banks in the United States. The Grandad Bandit, active in Alabama, has knocked off nine banks thus far. The Grandad Bandit last robbed a bank in.

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The latest bank robbery in the Geezer Bandit series is believed to have occurred today with the robbery of the Bank of America, 31934 Highway 79, South, Temecula, CA.

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For the past two years since the geezer robberies began, the FBI has been in contact with companies that make life-like elderly masks, hoping a sales receipt could lead to the Geezer Bandit.

Dubbed the “Beret Bandit” by the FBI after he showed. “Beret Bandit’s” robbery spree. Eimiller said serial robbers either have a gambling problem or are feeding a drug habit. “The types of people.

The bandit has become somewhat of a celebrity since his first robbery back in 2009, witha Facebook fan age and Geezer Bandit merchandise. The FBI is offering a US$20,000 reward for information.