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Can You Beat Your Foreclosure With The Statute of Limitations?

People (many of them on the Internet) claim that a QWR is a magic bullet that will stop foreclosure and bring your bank to its knees. Although this can. year statute of limitations on lawsuits.

If the statute of limitations runs out during the foreclosure, then it’s not a defense to the foreclosure. This means that even if a foreclosure takes years to complete , you don’t have a defense to the foreclosure based on the statute of limitations.

For wrongful foreclosure homeowners who hired Attorneys to represent them, do not assume that your Attorney knows the statutes of limitation period for every cause of action you intend to bring against your lender to save your home, because if your Attorney miss all major causes of action that would have disqualified your lender from stealing your home as a result of fraud, you may end up losing your.

If you do not respond to the lawsuit and raise your Statute of Limitations defense in your answer, you could end up with a judgment against you, even though the debt is beyond the Statute. The court will not raise this defense for you. Quick Note: Never ignore a lawsuit. Creditors count on the 95% of all debtors who fail to respond to lawsuits.

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If you are defending your second, third, or fourth foreclosure there is an even larger need to have someone that is familar with the statute of limitations argument. Each default in each case matters, the time after default to filing matters, the letters you were sent leading up to your case, etc.

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What is a statute of limitations? The expiration of the statute of limitations is an affirmative defense to a lawsuit. This means that even if you admit that you owe the money that the creditor is suing to collect, if the statute has expired, you can prevent a judgment from being entered against you by responding and claiming that the suit is barred by the statute of limitations. (Learn about the statute of limitations in foreclosure actions.) florida mortgage foreclosures and Deficiency Judgments

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 · statue of limitations – foreclosure Headline in today’s Newsday about Suffolk County supreme court justice rebolini dismissing action in foreclosure due to bank’s delay. To read the full decision in U.S. BANK NA vs. PARISI, JAYNE, Index. 066885/2014, Suffolk Supreme Court, it is available on e-courts and is posted online at