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Millennial Millionaire: Budgeting Is Keeping You From Getting Rich With that said, they aren’t the easiest bunch to please. Most millennial renters are looking for a specific set of features in their rental property. 1. Central Location Most millennial renters want to be as close as possible to many things, which is why they prefer urban, apartment-style living.

Who comprises the millennial generation? And what are their passions, preferences or needs when it comes down to integrating the latest in technology with their living spaces? First, consider these facts about the fast-growing millennial generation: * Mobile technology is their platform of choice.

Millennials: Avoid these 5 financial mistakes Mortgage Masters Group Kristen Walsh is a freelance writer and editor in the Boston area with a niche in higher education, healthcare and small business. She enjoys the behind-the-scenes information gathering and personal interviews that bring stories to life and strike a chord with readers.

The Dichotomy of Millennial Housing Millennials are driving demand of shared co-living spaces on one end of the spectrum and high-end apartment living on the other.

It’s a shift from years past, when the typical pathway was college, apartment, marriage, buy a home as a couple. We hadn’t.

Sometimes it just makes sense to buy now and pay later. But in a world of late fees, penalties, and compounding interest, it can feel like you’re stuck between two bad options: saying no to what you want, or giving in to unhealthy debt to get it.

Happy National Senior Citizens Day – August 21 Mortgage Masters Group (FreeDigitalPhotos.net) While many may not have heard about National Senior Citizens Day, it occurs every year on Aug. 21.Initiated by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, this day is set apart to acknowledge the life-long contributions our nation’s seniors have made to their community and country.

Information about Royal Oak apartment complex renovated for Millennial appeal. Our articles give you updates on what is currently happening in Kaftan Communities. Be sure to stay up to date with your community.

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Somewhere in the homogenized ether that is Millennial Instagram, lurking among the Monstera plants and pool floats, the #friyays and #OOTDs, the Kardashian-adjacent hairstylists and ads for detox.

A week or so ago, I blogged on my daughter’s reaction to a study allegedly sharing insights into how you need market to millennials differently than everyone else. I got so many responses to the raw honesty and insight, I thought I’d go back to the D2 Demand Solutions Millennial Focus Group (again, really just my 23-year old daughter who is a renter) and ask her what she thought about the.

In a Millennial-styled apartment or home, the more each room can be equipped with the latest technology, the better. Forty-three percent of Millennials prefer their homes "more customized and less cookie-cutter." Each room serves different purposes and Millennials want to maximize their ability to customize their style of living.

Millennials and Boomers Are Changing the Real Estate Market Despite moving into different life stages, the two generations converge on similar homes in defiance of generational stereotypes.

But Weiss fits best among a cohort of millennial founders. From the windows of Weiss’s living room, you can see the.